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Tailored 24-Hour Security Monitoring in Sacramento, CA

Defend what matters at your home and business when you invest in tailored 24-hour security monitoring in Sacramento, CA. Home Guard Alarm protects our clients and friends with four layers of protection, to save them money and provide them with added peace of mind.

Intrusions at the home account for about two-thirds of the burglaries committed every year. That feeling of violation is something that many don’t forget in the aftermath of a break-in. A robbery will cost you money and your sense of security. Stop those intrusions before they occur with our proactive approach to tailored security. We review your establishment to develop a combination of services that fit your needs. 

Take advantage of this opportunity and put the criminals in your neighborhood on notice. When you collaborate with a security consultant that takes the time to listen, you get solutions that fit your needs and your budget. We want you to be secure, so we go the extra mile to offer security equipment that reduces the risks you face. Protect those special memories that make your home something more than just a structure.

Home Security Systems in Sacramento, CA

Security Alarm Systems in Sacramento, CA

Residential Security Alarm Systems

When you consider the investment you have in your home, it just makes sense to develop a security plan in conjunction with a knowledgeable professional. We develop comprehensive home security systems that include four levels of protection. A prominent yard sign delivers a clear message that your home is protected. Beyond this, every potential entry point is labeled with a warning decal for added deterrence. 

In the event that an alarm is triggered at your home, a high-decibel siren will put everyone in the vicinity on notice that an intrusion is occurring. The blaring siren is designed to deter intruders and alert those nearby as well. With tailored burglar alarm installation, you get 24-hour monitoring that sends law enforcement if the system is not disarmed.

Monitored Business Security Systems

Prominent companies and small businesses alike require security solutions that protect their inventory without costing them a fortune. We understand the limits you face, and we do everything we can to develop a system that fits your budget. 

In addition to surveillance cameras and monitoring, our systems include access control options that are customizable for multiple venues. You get pager alerts when an emergency occurs, and you can easily update information for new hires and terminated employees. Knowing the location of your employees can improve inventory control and safety.

Home Theater Products in Sacramento, CA

Contact us today to learn more about tailored 24-hour security monitoring for your home and business. We proudly serve clients in Sacramento, California, and surrounding communities.